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I assume there will be no further sale for this game, after the "Games to help you stay inside" discount? (Maybe this time a bit longer than before.)

Heya, normally go on sale whenever Steam sales roll around. Currently on sale for Nintendo Switch for the next week!

any hints on the card right after the dream? it's the last one i'm missing :(


I'm starting to forget the specifics myself, but I believe it's at the card shop after hours.

Can't remember if it requires you to be a specific character... Let me know if you still can't find it and I'll have to dig in the game code!

(Somebody please make an FAQ!)

found it! thanks :)

Mac version won't run. "Bad CPU type in executable”.

Ah, I think the Mac version might be 32 bit due to the version of Gamemaker it's made in... So recent MacOS changes blocking older apps from running anymore might have killed it :(

I'll investigate more later.

Any plans for a Linux release? :)


There's too many good things going with The Rainsdowne Players. Yet it still hits me that it's hard to find any information about it or people playing it. It's on Steam and on Switch, and even then, it's more than likely that it's made it past all of your radars. I propose taking it for a spin, as it's a game unlike anything you've played before.

While it's rough around the edges and with plenty of things not very clear, it has a lot of charm and soul, with plenty of things to collect, combinations to try, and some truly brilliant moments.

I'll be sharing the fanart I made for it not long ago, because why not? Looking forward to more works from Steve and co! 

I checked out the Rainsdowne Players for this week's episode of my show #1Game1Minute! For anyone who is considering buying this game, this'll hopefully give you a good run-through of it.